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Get up close and personal with your favorite chefs as they push culinary boundaries and relish community with your fellow foodies.


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Lock Stock and Barrel

Memphis, Tennessee

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The Underground Kitchen is a supper club that gives members access to a one night only, 5–7 course, pop-up dinner in an undisclosed location with an amazing chef. Only 25–40 people get a ticket, but everyone can register to receive the invitation that goes out a few days before tickets for the dinner go on sale. The email contains three pieces of information — the date of the dinner, the date + time when the tickets will go on sale + a clue about the next location. And that’s it. Members don’t know where the Underground Kitchen will be, who’s cooking or what will be served. Tickets prices are all inclusive (meal, wine + gratuity) + vary by location. The tickets are first come, first served.

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The Virginia Table
Our Local Commons: Charlottesville

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