“U·nique /yo͞oˈnēk/ adjective

Being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.”

– The Oxford Dictionary of English

Each Underground Kitchen event is unique, in the truest sense of the word. UGK, as it has come to be known by its foodie cult following, is a supper club that gives members access to a one night only, 5-7 course gourmet meal prepared by an amazing chef in an undisclosed location. The chefs are asked to prepare food that pushes them to the limits of their culinary creativity, and to refrain from preparing the staple items on their restaurant menus. Each event has a theme that is intricately woven through the menu and atmosphere. Locations vary from art studios, to local restaurants, to farms, to anywhere else with a venue suited to UGK’s holistic vision. The venues emphasize the themes, and generate dialogue about food sources, culinary preparation, and eating. An understanding of food, as an economy, profession, and source of enjoyment is one of the founding principles of UGK. The Underground Kitchen offers members an exceptional culinary experience, while getting them in touch with like-minded individuals and teaching them about the roots of various cuisines. These “meals”—I hesitate to call them meals because they are so much more— these meals are unified in concept and immaculate in their execution. Part of the allure of UGK events is their intimacy—only 25-40 people get a ticket, but anyone can register to receive the invitation that goes out a few days before tickets go on sale. As a result of the intimate setting, conversation with your dinner partners is as much a part of these meals as anything else. What better way to meet interesting people than over the course of a fabulous, one of a kind meal?

In the invitation that is sent out a few days before the event, only three pieces of information are divulged: the date of the dinner, the date and time when tickets will go on sale, and a clue about the location of the event. That’s it. The menu, chef, and location are kept secret until the last possible moment. The tickets are all inclusive, covering the meal, wine, and gratuity, and the prices vary based on the location/theme of the event. Tickets are first come, first served, and sales are limited to two tickets per member. Jump on the tickets fast because they sell out in minutes. If you are lucky enough to get a ticket, you are in for an experience unlike any other. If you are less fortunate, keep your ears and eyes open, because another event is surely on the horizon, and it is guaranteed to be exceptional. Best of luck.


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Email: info@theundergroundkitchen.org