The Event


UGK celebrated the end of the Fall season in Williamsburg with “UGK: Culinary Cornucopia,” at the Williamsburg Art Gallery, owned and operated by Clyde and Gulay Berryman.

Guests walked up the stairs just off the brick alley in Merchant’s Square and were greeted at the top with a light before-dinner libation. The walls of the gallery were covered in art depicting everywhere from Williamsburg to Lake Como, and provided the backdrop to polite conversation while guests mingled around the gallery.

The evening was elegant with beautiful candelabras lighting the multiple tables. The stark white linens contrasted beautifully with the gorgeous flower and fruit arrangements (prepared by CEO Micheal Sparks, provided by Sneed’s Nursery in Richmond).

The chef for the evening was Joy Crump from Foode in Fredericksburg.  She provided a full range of delicious morsels beginning with ricotta salata with tomato candy strips and ending with a sweet lemon icebox curd.

The beauty of the evening was punctuated with some delightful opera and peppered throughout with laughter and conviviality by our guests.

The Food

Course 1
Handmade ricotta salata, lacinato kale, black eyed peas, bacon fat croutons, tomato candy strips

Course 2
Sweet potato soup with hot caramel popcorn

Course 3
White grits, charred shrimp, fermented collards, buttered shrimp broth, hoppin bread crumbs

Course 4
Dill-scented gin with brlack radish chip and smoked sea salt

Course 5
Farro, pomegranate, sorghum-glazed heritage belly, lemon and arugula

Course 6
Sweet lemon icebox curd, ginger-graham crumbs, edibles, un-whipped cream

The Wine

Course 1
Dr. Heidemanns-Bergweiler Reisling

Course 2
Gruner Veltliner
Austria 2014

Course 3
Michel Grassier Viognier

Course 5
Les Viguiers
Cotes du Rhone 2013

Course 6
Botter Prosecco