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Underground Kitchen Pops Up in New York

The Secret Dining Society Debuts in Williamsburg in October Richmond, Va. – On Friday, October 27, 2017, Underground Kitchen (theundergroundkitchen.org) comes to New York City, with its first pop up dining event in Williamsburg! The celebrated, Richmond, Va.-based pop...

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Thank You Underground Kitchen Community!

As 2016 winds down, I wanted to send a gratitude-filled thanks to all of our devoted Underground Kitchen diners for a fantastic 2016. This year, we expanded UGK outside of Richmond in other cities, including Asheville, Charlotte, Raleigh, Columbia, S.C., Baltimore,...

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Prohibition – A Creative Thirst

In the words of Will Rogers, “Prohibition is better than no liquor at all,” and the cowboy-humorist-newsman makes an interesting point. Far from being a time of temperance, the Prohibition era was the first real hey day of the cocktail in American culture. The...

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Don’t Call Me a Foodie

Language is a fickle mistress. Who would have thought that a word that was initially used synonymously with “gourmand” would come to mean “a douchebag who likes food” only three decades later?[1] The term “foodie” first popped up around 1980 in a New York Magazine...

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Diet Fads & Foibles

  It seems like every few years a new diet fad comes along promising drastic weight loss in a matter of a few short weeks. Some are so ridiculous; it really makes you wonder who in the world could fall prey to the unrealistic promises and inflict on themselves...

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What Makes a Great Chef Great?

What is it about great chefs that excites and interests us? A part of the answer has to be their culinary prowess, the command with which they manipulate food, their virtuosity in a kitchen. But this can’t be the whole reason we find them so compelling. There are...

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